Leigh Patel is an interdisciplinary researcher, educator, and writer.  Her work addresses the narratives that facilitate societal structures.With a background in sociology, she researches and teaches about education as a site of social reproduction and as a potential site for transformation. She is an Associate Professor of Education at Boston College and works extensively with societally marginalized youth and teacher activists. Prior to working in the academy, Professor Patel was a journalist, a teacher, and a state-level policymaker. Across all of these experiences, her focus has been on the ways that education structures opportunities in society and the stories that are told about those opportunities. 

Professor Patel, also published under Lisa Patel Stevens, is the award-winning author of  Decolonizing Educational Research: From Ownership to Answerability (Routledge)Youth Held at the Border: Immigration, Education and the Politics of Inclusion (Teachers College Press), co-author of Critical Literacy: Context, Research, and Praxis in the K-12 Classroom (Sage) and co-editor of ReConstructing the Adolescent: Sign, Symbol and Body (Peter Lang Publishers).   Professor Patel is highly sought after speaker and facilitator. She has authored dozens of scholarly articles and book chapters and has been a consistent voice in educational policymaking and policy analysis over a number of years. Her writing and research has also been featured in media outlets including Beacon Broadside, The Atlantic, The Feminist Wire, Racialicious.com and HuffPost Live. She is receipient of the June Jordan Award for scholarly leadership and poetic bravery in social critique. She is a national board member of Education for Liberation, a long-standing organization dedicated to transformative education for and by youth of color. 

Professor Patel is currently working on her next book entitled, "To study is to struggle: Higher education and settler colonialism"

Decolonizing educational research: From ownership to answerability 
Available through Routledge Press

"An important crossroads for critical educational research...Patel has done something quite generous and generative for educational research: she has offered it an opportunity to reframe and redirect itself. She has offered it a lifeline."
Eve Tuck 

Youth held at the border:
Immigration, education and the politics of inclusion 
Available through TC Press

Named an American Educational Studies Association Critics' Book Choice of 2013
Nominated for the American Educational Research Association and National Association for Multicultural Education annual book

"It is no surprise that in Youth Held at the Border Patel has written the kind of book that education needs: a book careful to mold overpoliticized debates--in this case immigration--to the shape of the everyday lives, hearts, and minds of young people. This is a book that sounds a moral call we must heed."
Harvard Educational Review

Upcoming public talks and appearances:

April 24, 2017: The First 100 Days, Trump and the U.S.
Boston College 


Media from selected talks:

Panel on Toward what Justice, convened by Eve Tuck and K. Wayne Yang, with Nirmala Erevelles, Jen Jack Gieseking, Michael J. Dumas, and discussant Kris Gutierrez

Video interview
 on Youth held at the border

Panel on immigration and policy implications 

Panel on immigration, higher education, and the politics of inclusion 
featuring SIM activist Conrado Santos and community researcher Rocío Sánchez Ares

Panel on race and disability with Osamudia James and Wanda Blanchett