Patel, L. (forthcoming, 2019). There is No Study Without Struggle. Beacon Press.


This book examines how study and struggle are intertwined and explores what this relationship reveals about the legacies and ongoing structure of settler colonialism in higher education. 

Patel, L. (2016). Decolonizing educational research: From ownership to answerability. Routledge Press.

Decolonizing Educational Research examines the ways through which coloniality manifests in contexts of knowledge and meaning making, specifically within educational research and formal schooling. Purposefully situated beyond popular deconstructionist theory and anthropocentric perspectives, the book investigates the longstanding traditions of oppression, racism, and white supremacy that are systemically reseated and reinforced by societal structures and social interaction. Through meaningful explorations into the unfixed and often interrupted narratives of culture, history, place, and identity, a bold, timely, and transformative vision emerges to conceive of how research in higher education institutions might break free of colonial genealogies and their widespread complicities.

   Patel, L. (2013). Youth held at the Border: Immigration, education, and America.  TCPress.

American Education Studies Association's Critics Book Choice 2013
Nominee for Phillip Chinn Book Award 2013, National Association for Multicultural Education
Nominee Benjamin L. Hooks Book Award 2013

From Harvard Educational Review: "Patel is also the kind of writer and scholar that education requires, one who is unafraid to tackle the immense web of threads that comprise educational phenomena, even if that means weaving together different methods and media. It is no surprise that in Youth held at the Border Patel has written the kind of book that education needs: a book careful to mold overpoliticized debates--in this case immigration--to the shape of everyday lives, hearts and minds of young people. This is a book that sounds a moral call we must heed."


Stevens, L. P., & Bean, T. W. (2007). Critical literacy: Context, research and practice in the K-12 classroom. New York: Sage. Critical Literacy: Context, Research, and Practice explores the theorization and implementation of critical literacy practices. As a subset of literacy pedagogy, critical literacy is distinguished by its particular emphasis upon interacting critically with texts and situating texts within broader political, cultural, historical, and economic contexts. A key focus of this text is the praxis of critical literacy; that is, theory and practice informing each other.

Comprised of chapters that make use of clear explanations of the tenets of critical literacy, the context of literacy pedagogy in the United States, and classroom examples, this text focuses on what can be learned about the theory of critical literacy from implementation and what practice can learn from theory. This book is particularly useful for educators trying to take up Freire's ideas of praxis and conscientizao.

Vadeboncoeur, J., & Stevens, L. P. (Eds). (2005). Reconstructing the ‘adolescent’: Sign, symbol, and body. New York: Peter Lang. This edited volume brings together researchers across disciplines who all have studied, and sometimes, worked against the ways that youth and adolescence are discursively constructed. Contributors problematize dominant discourses about adolescence through a critique of the discourses that position youths and an examination of how youths enact, contest and sometimes transform those same discourses. These studies, combining empirical research and semiotic analyses, offer a fresh perspective on young people in western societies today, at the level of everyday discourse, embodied through gesture and symbolic action, with material effects.

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